Dolores County Colorado Ministry of Tourism

D. C. Ministry of Tourism

SW Colorado Adventure Corridor

Outdoor Recreation - Explore Archeology - AgriTourism - Historic and Scenic Drives

Stop in DC for Something Always Special

We Offer Grand Vistas & Gorgeous Canyons of the Ancients.

Special Events

Annual Car Show - Pick N Hoe - 

lots more to come.

Recreation or Camping

Come And Explore Our Unseen Beauty.

Explore our peaks & valleys

Let's All go to the River

The Lower Dolores River is one of the most hidden gems in our beautiful county.

River runners come every spring for the dam Release. Funz A Floot'N.

Yearly Events

  1. Spring Lower Dolores River Run
  2. July 4th Pick'N Hoe Celebration
  3. Ballons! Brews,and Beans LiftOff.
  4. FallShoot'um Off.
  5. 3 Sisters Ag Fest
  6. & A whole Lot More Comin Up !

Places to See

From Mountain tops to Lake and River Views, we have it all; Hiking, Trail Riding, River Rafting, Pick'n Hoe'n,

to sight Seeing - Always Awesome Dolores County Colorado.

Local Photo Contest

Our First Dolores County 2018 Calender Contest. Featuring Local


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Yes we are Very Social Here in South Western Colorado.

Our Mission and Visions

We want to see Great things Happening here in Dolores County Colorado.

We All Love it Here, Come On By and Visit Us.


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